Lemon Cucumber Quick Pickles

Written by:  Jason
Lemon Cucumber Quick Pickles

Lemon Cucumbers w/ red onion and seasoned with herbs de provence & quick pickled.
Made tonight for tomorrow morning (they're better after resting a while).
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More markets!!!

Written by:  Jason

This Sunday you'll find us in the Sebastopol Farmers' Market, and we'll be trying out a 4th market next week! If all goes well with our new additions, we'll be visiting markets 5 days a week year round!


We're open for business!

Written by:  Jason

Physis opened, mostly unannounced, today for the first time! We served Roasted Tomato Sauce, Vegetable Stock, Vegetable Soup, two vinaigrettes, kachumber, Salsa Fresca, and we'll have more for Saturday!

We will be in the Petaluma East-Side Market on Tuesday mornings.


Applying to markets...

Written by:  Jason

Physis has applied to attend several markets, and is waiting on their responses. Most have told me it'll take at least a week for a response (hope it's soon!). However, initial reaction has been positive!

In other news...
Just added the first supplier into the database! You can find the link to our supplier list on the right.

Physis will be using spices from Savory Spice Shop in Santa Rosa. They are our only planned food supplier not related to the farmers' markets. They grind their spices on location, and have a wide variety of spices and mixes to use.
Suggest you check them out!


Final Inspection Time!

Written by:  Jason

The Physis kitchen trailer was put in it's new commissary-based home on Thursday. I applied for a space at the Sonoma Valley Farmers' Market today, and will be soon applying to two others. I'm focusing upon year-round markets first, as most summer ones will only be open for a few more weeks anyways (so sad I couldn't join you for this summer!).

My county health food facility permit inspection is on Sept 5th.

I'm taking applications for part-time prep cooks. Anyone living in Sonoma County who is interested in working early mornings at farmers' markets can apply via email at: resumes@PhysisFoods.com


The Physis Trailer - As purchased...

Written by:  Jason

Our trailer (built in 2007) was previously used for private parties, and was not fully certified with county health (even though built to standard). She was neglected for some time, and it has taken some time & care to bring her back to life. I'll post up to date pictures sometime soon, but until then, here it is as it was purchased.