Soup & Pie Lunch

Written by:  Jason
Pot Pie & a bowl of soup!

Market Vegetable Soup with our Beef Broth & a Pie too! A great combo for lunch today!


Hot Broth!

Written by:  Jason
Hot Pots of Broth

Stop by for a cup of hot broth!
We regularly make Sonoma Raised Beef, Pasture Raised Chicken, Mushroom, & Market Vegetable!


Pot Pies!

Written by:  Jason
Pot Pies

Available at all of our markets... Pot Pies!
Bacon & Egg, Vegetable & Mushroom, Pie du Jour, or Fruit!
We hand roll our own dough from CA grown organic flour & Straus Butter!
As always, we source our veggies from Sonoma County farmers' markets!


Spring 2016!

Written by:  Jason

It's April, the markets are beginning to do well. A wet winter, that seems to like to rain on market days. Glad the rain has died down. I want lots of rain... but on Monday's and Thursdays!
This past Sunday was our first Windsor Certified Farmers' Market of the year! A great start, and we're happy to be back!
Sonoma Valley Certified Farmers' Market (Friday Mornings, Year-round) is been great as always.
Wednesday Mornings in Santa Rosa are getting better every week. There's been quite a lunch crowd stopping by lately.
...and all will only get better with the addition of seasonal produce!


Market Changes!! New Schedule!

Written by:  Jason

As the seasons change, the markets do too!

We will now be found at The Santa Rosa Original Farmers' Market on Wednesdays!

Check out our full schedule by clicking on the link on the right of the page.


Our Roasted Beef & Chicken Stocks

Written by:  Jason

Very happy with our current batch of Roasted Beef, and Roasted Chicken Stocks!
All of our stocks are made with a combination of Leeks, Carrot, Celery, Onion, Fennel, Shiitake Mushroom, Cremini Mushroom, Bay Leaf, Parsley, & Thyme!


Quick Pickles are back!

Written by:  Jason
Green Garlic & Dill Quick Pickles

We have Green Garlic and Dill Quick Pickles!
What are Quick Pickles? Quick Pickles, also known as Refrigerator Pickles, are not fermented. We instead heat the brine, and then allow the warm brine to lightly break down the cucumbers before refrigerating. The result is a brighter & fresher pickle that's great as a snack.