Dry Run!

Written by:  Jason

I set up my full stand the other day (minus food) to make sure I had everything I needed/wanted. Here's the results!


Website v1.0!

Written by:  Jason

I'm still checking for errors in the code, but I believe I am done with the first (finished) version of the Physis website!

The site has taken me some time. I haven't done website design in almost 10 years, and this was quite a large project (even though it may just look like a simple blog currently). I've had to start over 3 or 4 times, and learn HTML 5 (which is amazing!). Quite happy with what I've accomplished here.



Written by:  Jason

I've corrected the issues with



I can now add line spacing!


Another day, a little bit closer.

Written by:  Jason

Lots of errands today...

I stopped by the trailer and finished up oiling the range top. I'll have to bake it on soon, but I need to leave it to dry first.

I had a decent 4th of July, and I hope all you did as well. Grilled pork tenderloin, and got to meet my wonderful new neighbors!



Written by:  Jason

Thankfully nothing bad... just more waiting.
Unfortunately, Sonoma County Health has decided they didn't like my initial plan check submittal. I submitted corrections to several items that they wanted more info on (there was nothing they disapproved of, just wanted more info).

In other news... The website is getting close! :D

Source: http://www.physisfoods.com/